Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Thai International Schools

The popularity of Thailand international schools has increased sharply in recent years, and rightly so. This improvement is mainly due to the efforts put in by the government as well as the schools to ensure that students get the best quality education.

That said, here are the benefits of enrolling your child in a Thai international school.

Boarding Facilities
Living at the school is not only convenient, but it also saves the time and resources that would have been used in daily commuting. This gives your children more time to focus on their studies.
Another advantage of boarding is reduced distractions. Boarders spend little time on their phones, which are potentially addictive and can significantly distract them from their classwork. This results in better performances.

It is much cheaper to send your kids to Thailand than it is to enrol them to institutions in the UK and the US. Despite the reduced fees, these schools still offer a high-quality education that guarantees your child admission to prestigious colleges and universities if they perform well.
Additionally, the cost of living in Thailand is lower than in the west. This means that the overall expenses are much lower than in other countries. If the student is unable to raise the fees, there is a provision for applying for scholarships.

Small Class Sizes
The majority of international schools in Thailand have a low population per class. This ensures that each student gets a high degree of personal attention from teachers, which translates into quality education and better performances.
Partnerships with Top Colleges
Most international schools in Thailand have direct links with top universities and colleges in the world. If your child is interested and gets the required results, they are guaranteed a place in the world’s most coveted higher learning institutions. Studying in these colleges gives your child a better chance of landing a job.

Co-curricular Activities
The curriculum of international schools includes sports, art, and music. This allows your kid to enjoy their hobbies while socializing and bonding with fellow students. Arts and music enable them to discover their skills and preferences.

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