Learning at the Top 10 International Schools in Bangkok: What you Never Knew

With over 70 international schools, Bangkok is home to possibly the best international schools in any city in Asia. It has over 38 British schools, a further 21 American schools and about 23 IB schools, on top of several others, which include Thai-Chinese trilingual schools. But with the number of these prestigious institutions growing, parents

Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Thai International Schools

The popularity of Thailand international schools has increased sharply in recent years, and rightly so. This improvement is mainly due to the efforts put in by the government as well as the schools to ensure that students get the best quality education. That said, here are the benefits of enrolling your child in a Thai

Welfare of Teachers at Bangkok International School

Like other jobs, teaching can also be stressful at times and can take a toll on teachers. In terms of job performance, students, colleagues and management staff benefit from teachers, who are appreciated in their work place. International schools in Bangkok understands this and therefore take measures to make their teachers feel valued and motivated.