Welfare of Teachers at Bangkok International School

Like other jobs, teaching can also be stressful at times and can take a toll on teachers. In terms of job performance, students, colleagues and management staff benefit from teachers, who are appreciated in their work place. International schools in Bangkok understands this and therefore take measures to make their teachers feel valued and motivated.
In Bangkok international schools, the different school administrations put in effort to make life easy for their staff, especially expats who are trying to adjust to living outside their home country. They implement systems that make it easy foreigners to live in Bangkok and feel looked after.
How then do international schools make their staff feel valued and motivated?
– Bonus
Some international schools in Bangkok have recorded cases of unexpected bonuses, paid in order to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts put in by their staff. Other times, staff receives appreciation during meetings or through emails.
– Organized Social Events
There are international schools in Bangkok with a social committee set up to organize social events for teachers and non-teaching staff at least once in a semester, in form of start or end of the year or holiday parties. Different activities are arranged for teachers to participate in, such as karaoke night, bowling, and laser tag. During such events, the staff are given the opportunity to air their ideas and opinions on any aspect of the school. This helps to foster school management – staff relationship and also make staff feel valued.
– Health & Wellness Program
The school has a health and wellness program where a lot of teachers connect and exercise together.
– Celebration of Culture
Individual culture and background are recognized and appreciated. Some international schools in Bangkok hold cultural festivals and events, and celebrate with traditional food and decorations.
– Training & Development
Learning which a continuous process is, is not meant for students alone; teachers as well need to learn and adopt new teaching models to develop their themselves and improve learning for the benefits of the students. This is why some international schools regularly train or organize seminars for their teachers. This in turn helps to boost the morale of such teachers, as there is opportunity for professional development.
– Scheduled Tours and Conferences
Some teachers in Bangkok International schools are opportune to go on tours, attend conferences or tournaments in which their schools are also participating in. This would give them exposure on a lot of happenings around the world.

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